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Beginner course for your first time in a kayak. A fun challenging activitiy
River Skills
An introduction to the river at featurces using grade 1 moving water. river trip and skills course
Kayak Rolling
Indoor rolling and confidence swimming pool sessions and open water Blade support strokes
White Water
First time and improver white water grade II/III skills courses
BCU Star Awards
Canoe wales star award training and assessment courses.
Kayaking Holidays
Weekend and Mid week kayak holidays in Wales, England and Europe.

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Did my three star at the weekend and absolutely smashed it. His only two comments in the van at the end of the second day when we were running the shuttle were, that there was no way he could not pass me after my demon roll on the first day, apparently I was up sitting over the boat before the paddle got to ninety degrees. It was completely effortless, all I remember is beginning to sweep the paddle and then being suddenly upright. His second comment was that I have pretty damn good river skills or should that be "Dan good" river skills. He even got me to lead him down the second half of the river trip on Sunday including scouting out a couple of drops.

None of this would have been possible without your coaching, you have in seven weeks taken someone who was scared of  getting on a river with a bit of flow and turned them into a three star white water paddler, I will never be able to thank you enough

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Intensive Kayaking Skills Training Packages

With regular practice and joining the courses that will improve your progression, goals can be acheieved. Increase your kayaking experience and confidence, then you can really enjoy kayaking. Whatever your goals we can help you achieve them. We beleive in the long term training program and offer this deal with a saving on regular course frees.
Flexible & fixed courses
Friendly service
individual coaching
Training routines
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We offer a long term kayaking skills training program. Achieve your kayaking Goals. Fixed weekend and mid week course dates you will get to know your fellow paddlers and make new friends. Working towards common goals the progressive training will build on your experience and understanding.

During this intensive training, the instructors will get to know you as a paddler and understand everyone learns in different ways. As you progress you will learn training routines and practice drills to perfect and make the most out of your kayaking.

White Water Beginner Weekends
£600 | Five weekend courses | Six places | Autumn / Winter

white water weekend

This set training program will give you the foundation white water kayaking skills and experience to really enjoyed safe grade 2 paddling. Spread over 5 weekends, the course begins with grade 1 skills and setting up the strokes and concepts to continue up the grade. The rest of the course is made up with 8 grade 2 white water river trips, improving on all the skills and safety drills. Personal development for confidence and river leading tactics.

Learn to be a safe and valued team member on grade 2 white water kayaking trips. Group tactics and personal resuce skills will be covered. Practice with new friends on the same personal development with kayaking skills. We aim to help you become a confident and valued team member on the river.

2016 Course Dates

River Skills Feb 20th
River Skills Feb 21st
White Water Feb 27th
Grade II Feb 28th
White Water March 5th
Grade II March 6th
White Water March 12th
Grade II March 13th
White Water March 19th
Grade II/III March 20th



Kayak Rolling Swiming pool Wednesdays
£250 | Five afternoon pool sessions | 4 places | All year

The kayak rolling is a complex skill to master. With these 5 swimming pool sessions we break the roll down and work on the seperate parts of the roll during five 2 hour sessions. Putting the roll together towards the end gives you time to go away and practice movements and work on new aspects each session to understand the roll.
2016 Course Dates

PM Pool 2hr Feb 17th
PM Pool 2hr Feb 24th
PM Pool 2hr March 2nd
PM Pool 2hr March 16th
PM Pool 2hr March 23rd



Flexible 10 or 5 Day Course Muiltpack
£300-£500 | Five or Ten days worth of courses | All year
With a flexible training package you can join any kayaking course to suit your progression over a period of 6 months. Set your goals to improve and progress with kayaking. Dates can be confirmed at the start or you can join flexible normal course days. kayak Rolling, Star awards or just improving confidence and control on Grade II White Water

10 courses @ £50.00 each. Total: £500 saving £300.00
» 5 courses @ £60.00 each. Total: £300 saving £100.00
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