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River Skills/Safety - RiverStrokes
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Kayaking River Skills
Course Fee 60 per person.
Full Payment online
Location/Venue River Wye Camp
Max Places 6 Available
Start 1.00 PM
Classroom 1hr Breifing Technique
kayaking on water time 3hrs training
Classroom 1hr De-Breifing
Finish 6.00 pm Leave Camp

canoe Meeting at camp 1pm Park and relax
Meeting at the camp, for a brew and breifing. We will then kit you out with kayaking equipment. You will be introduced to paddling the kayak in a straight line. Requiring some practice small tips and advice will help you get control. The control strokes will be demonstrated and taught in small fun sessions.
camping Classroom Breifing
We have an on site classroom to cover theroy and technical skills for kayaking, giving you plenty of information to help you learn more.

rolling Stability
rolling River Features
Capsize Drill
rescues Forward Paddling
leadership Kayaking Skills

rescues Sideways
Ferry Gliding
rescues Teamwork
leadership Safety
leadership River Trips

"Learn about kayaking on rivers in Wales " - Dan

Starting with calm flat water sessions to build your confidence, then progressing towards a flow at grade 1/2.

Under the guidance of an experienced coach. the day will provide you with practice time to learn some boat control skills. Looking at your understanding of rivers and how to paddle safely down stream. Kayaking is a great way to explore the countryside and when you are in control and work as a team you can progress to white water kayaking.

Make new friends on this course and give yourself a great start to paddling rivers. You will gain to practice routines to improve your control and move up to the next grade of whitewater.

" Challenge yourself.. Learn to use Nature " - Dan

Your Experience for this Course

"You Can paddle a white water kayak in a straight line and understand the kayak turning on flat water? "

Is this course suitable for you?
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