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Blade Combos - RiverStrokes
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Blade Combinations
Course Fee 60.00
discount SAVE 20 Discount
Multi Lesson pack
Hay-on-Wye 2 Miles
Black Mountains
Mid Wales

River Wye Camp
Max Places 6 Available
Booking Required
canoe Start 1.00 PM @ CAMP
Classroom 1hr Breifing Technique
on water time
3hrs Training / Drills Coaching on the river Wye
Classroom 1hr De-Breifing
canoe Finish 6.00 PM Leave Camp

canoe 1.00 PM Park and relax at CAMP
Meeting at the base, for a brew and breifing. We will then kit you out with kayaking equipment. We have an on site classroom to cover theroy and technical skills for kayaking, giving you plenty of information to help you learn more.

rolling Forward paddling to stern rudder
rolling Forward draw to brace
Stern rudder to draw
rescues Forward to bow draw turn
leadership Blade control / feel
leadership Timing / Application
leadership Sculling for postion

"Blade in water, is control there is ..." - Dan

With coaching in a small group spread over 3hrs on the water, you will have a good understanding of your paddle and effective use of power, Angle, pressure, new strokes and more.... Practice drills and course training notes will be on hand to reflect and imrpove for next time... Dicussed over the classroom de-breifing

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"You can control a white water kayak in a straight line and understand the kayak turning on flat water? Have completed spray deck capsize and self rescue "

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