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White water kayaking adventure. Experience a kayaking holiday during a New Zealand Summer
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COURSES » White Water Kayaking : WW Week :
river leadership

River White Water Kayaking Week Course
Course Fee 300 per person 50% deposit to book a place 150
Accommodation NOT Included in the course fee
Location/Venue Talybont
River Usk, Brecon Beacons National Park, Powys, Wales.
Course Duration 5 Days Training, Monday - Friday (9.30am - 5.00pm)
Arrive Sunday evening departing bunkhouse Friday morning
Media Provided Training folder, digital pictures and a MPEG4 HD video of the week.
Kayak Equipment Your own dry suits are recommend. We can provide ww kayaks, ww Dry cags, Wetsuits, Carbon paddles, Helemts, Neoprene sray decks and ww bouancy aids included in the course fee.
Maximum Places 6 Available, groups of 8 are possible.
Your Paddling Ability

Great for improving your grade II kayaking whitewater skills. Confident on flat water with moving water trips, river foundation course and looking to move on to white water kayaking skills.

The course provides 5 days of training to help you control your boat on grade II white water. If your looking to improve your skills and knowledge of the river environment this week holiday is great to increase your kayaking white water confidence and control, and have lots of fun.

We think grade II is a great way to enjoy river kayaking and aim to help you master white water skills to progress your paddling. Great experience to work towards your 3 star ww kayak or just feel confident and in control on the river kayaking.

White Water Techniques

white water introduction Efficient Forward paddling
white water introduction River Confidence
Edge control and blade support
Stroke combinations
Reading the river at grade II
River hazards, group safety.
Moving around eddies
Wave surfing intro
Ferry gliding.

Monday 9.30am-4.30pm - Paddling Skills and Strokes
After an introduction and a chat around the group, we will spend the day on flat water and grade I rapids to go through the skills and techniques we will use over the course of the weeks training. We will introduce you to paddle combinations and strokes. Giving you a practice routine and thinking for the week ahead. Learning the white water skills will take time and experience, you have a lot to learn. Our training will be based on simple but very effective concepts on the skills required for running grade II rivers.

Tuesday 9.30am-4.00pm - Grade II Application of Techniques
This is our chance to really get to grips with how to run a grade 2 white water river. Working on positioning and group dynamics you will begin to understand how to control your decent of the river and enjoy its features. The day will show you how to move around eddies, ferry glide an enjoy the features . Learning to apply the strokes you have be shown and skills you will continue to practice. The day is also aimed to improve your confidence and understanding.

Wednesday 12.,30pm-3.30pm - Indoor Pool Rolling
A flexible day with a morning off to take a break, or another flatwater practice session. The afternoon can be spent using an indoor pool for a rolling session if it is decided within the group. After the first 2 days we can really understand your needs and believe in a personal approach. This mid way point will allow a good chance for practice and personal imput. If you are new to river running you might enjoy the morning off to explore the fantastic area you will be paddling through.

Thursday 9.30am-4.00pm - Rescue and Paddling Skills
Another grade II river trip improving on your position and control within the flow. Our focus will be on tidying up your timming and commitment to technique and giving you the chance to really learn by thinking for yourself under the guidence of the instructor. Small training sessions spread out over the trip will improve on all the main skills from group awareness to catching eddies with a smooth style and a smile!
Thursday 7.00pm-10.00pm - Evening Briefing/Recap
A relaxed social recap and feedback classroom session.
Friday 10.00am-5.00pm - Grade II/III River Trip
The final trip of the week. A fun trip on a different and new river. This kayaking trip will be new grade II rapids and features to really put your skills to the test. Any personal adjustments to your technique can be made and a practice routine to improve your skills can be discussed.

" You can join the course if you are staying in another location " - Dan

COURSES » White Water Kayaking : WW Week :
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Location - Wales
Brecon Beacons
National Park
River Usk and Wye.

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