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Monday, 18. February 2019 14:33
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Friday, 18. January 2019 21:16  Write a comment

NAME: Tom Lovejoy  Course:
5-day rolling/rescues >

Brilliant tuition. Tailored to everyone's individual needs. Small group meant more focused learning. Every aspect of the course was broken down theoretically and built up again practically - perfect learning for my needs. Highly, highly recommend this course, and Dan's coaching was superb! Car-park kayaking too - he's onto something there!

Friday, 21. December 2018 21:59  Write a comment

NAME: Emma Williams  Course:
5 Day River Skills Course >

Dan is a fabulous teacher, patient and passionate about ensuring ANYONE who wants to kayak, learns how to.
Despite being on numerous other courses, no one else took the time to make sure I understood the critical strokes and skills I need to become a confident paddler.

Dan will help you move past any nerves, strengthen your skills and love kayaking whatever your level!

Cannot wait to be back in the spring!

Thursday, 13. December 2018 22:41  Write a comment

NAME: Chris & Timmy  Course:
White Water Skills Trip >

Hi Dan

Thanks again for a really enjoyable couple of days. Timmy loved it and achieved exactly what we wanted which was increased confidence and capability on grade 2.

I also had a great time, and really wanted to recognise that while Timmy was the focus I definitely took away things from the course. Thanks again, look forward to seeing you again at some point and have a great Christmas!

Chris and Timmy

Sunday, 9. December 2018 11:23  Write a comment

NAME: Gary H  Course:
10-day lesson pack >

Having been for a couple of introductory weekends with River Strokes I signed up for 10-lesson whitewater paddler pack in 2018. Dan has continually provided support, motivation, patience and technical advice to build my skill and confidence at the right pace; from learning a range of strokes, capsize and safety drills at Glasbury, to the exhilaration of putting it all into practice running rapids with a team on the beautiful Usk in autumn colours! Unforgettable! Have always had a great time, loved being amongst nature and met some lovely people with River Strokes.. keep up the good work Dan! See you in February for whitewater Part Deux

Thursday, 15. November 2018 21:01  Write a comment

NAME: Sam Wright  Course:
- >

Just came back from a weekend of whitewater grade 2 instruction with Dan. After having already done a few courses with him, I knew what I was letting myself in for, and couldn’t wait! He is passionate about kayaking, loves helping people improve but not only that, also wants them to know what they want to improve and how to do it, What they do wrong when things don’t go as planned and what they do well, this makes you think about your own paddling in a self critical way, which is something we all need to do to improve. He does this in such a positive way and will always help you in any way he can. He breaks it down in to small chunks and is just a pleasure to be around, his knowledge of the river, the strokes, safety and instruction are inspirational and this fuels my desire to be the best paddler I can, I think it may take some time to have half Dans ability, but I enjoy every minute spent on a river strokes course and never stop learning and smiling with Dans unique style. Wait til you learn all about the ‘puppy’ stroke!! To be a balanced review I think I should point out one negative, his singing is terrible!!! If your thinking of booking with Dan then just do it, you won’t regret it, you will love every minute.

Wednesday, 7. November 2018 16:10  Write a comment

NAME: Safi Ferrah  Course:
Various Grade 2 >

Thanks for another great week Dan.
I never thought I'd see someone get taught how to roll in one session and then successfully do it time and again on the Wye - Brilliant !

Monday, 15. October 2018 11:23  Write a comment

NAME: Captain Rainbow  Course:
Multiple weekends >

I'm part of a TEAM of four guys that have now trained with Dan on multiple occasions throughout 2018. It's difficult to put whitewater kayaking into words but if I had to choose a few I guess they would be - awesome, difficult, fun, frustrating, team building, emotional rollercoaster, life-changing, I hate it, I love it...conflicting words for a truly unique sport taught by a truly unique instructor. Dan's mix of humour, fun and serious world-class tuition is spot on. If you're reading this review not knowing which company to choose like I was at one point then just stop looking - you'll not find a better company - and that's a fact.

Saturday, 8. September 2018 09:50  Write a comment

NAME: Ray  Course:
Long term development course >

Did a long term development course with Dan after losing confidence and it is the best choice I have made in a long time
With Dans patience, support and expert instruction my skills and confidence quickly grew and I began to love the sport
I have now spent most of summer kayaking on the Dee or Treweryn in north wales with new friends I have met through being out on the water and looking forward to progressing with the sport
Without Dans expert tuition, support and his obvious desire to help people reach their own goals I would probably have given up.
All of this is achieved with a good sense of humour as well

Saturday, 8. September 2018 08:40  Write a comment

NAME: Anne Dugdale  Course:
Beginners kayaking course >

What a privilege to have been able to spend 5 magical days on the River Wye in Dan's company. With Red Kites swooping above us, muscovy ducks watching on with professional disdain and fish leaping from the depths, Dan patiently shared his kayaking knowledge, and with great insight and empathy coached me through a range of paddle strokes.

Thanks Dan, it was beautiful.

I've no hesitation in recommending River Strokes' beginners kayaking course. Go on press the button; book it.

(September 2018)

Friday, 3. August 2018 21:35  Write a comment

NAME: Ali mac  Course:
- >

Joined the course for a day on my own very nervous and no previous experience, Dan made me feel extremely welcome with in the group and I gained so much, pushed my self out of my comfort zone and learnt some new skills. The day was amazing, Dan is a top intructor with a passion for it which really shines through, and if you are thinking should I book it don’t think and just do it, you won’t be disappointed. Thanks again Dan

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