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David Wootton 
River skills week
Wednesday, 30. September 2015 22:18 

Had a great time. Have lots of new routines to practice. Top instruction by Dan. Third time i've visited an been instructed by Dan. Would recommend to anyone who wishes to learn and improve.
Cheers Dan.
Sarah Robinson 
river skills and rolling
Sunday, 27. September 2015 19:47 

Have been on few river skills days with Dan and each time I have learnt something new. I have recently had a minor accident whilst kayaking (not whilst with River strokes I would add) and had a major loss of confidence in paddeling and rolling. Today with Dan's help I have got myself back on track and can't wait to get out on the river with him again. He is brutally honest about my skills and lack of skills (sarah your stern rudder was pants..Dan 2015) ... so if your looking for an ego boost on your abilities best go elsewhere!!! I am a beginner and still nervous on flowing rivers but Dan gives you the skills and confidence to man up and get on with it...cannot recommend River Strokes enough and if your just getting into kayaking go learn how to do it properly from the start with Dan!! Oh and rolling ....am getting there !!
Dave Alder 
Sunday, 27. September 2015 16:49 

It was by accident that I found riverstrokes for a group of four of us to do a couple of days of adventure on the river wye. Off the back of the trip, I have signed up for 10 lessons, and how lucky the chance find has been. Dan has the patience of a saint, has a great sense of humour, and is the utmost professional tutor, his laid back approach, belies his confidence and care of the students in his charge, his turn of speed to assist some one in problems is amazing. If your thinking of a kayak course, either as a first timer as I was, or as a professional coach yourself, you will likely not find a more knowledgable, down to earth at professional trainer in the UK. With thousands of days under his belt, and a boat full of fag butts to prove it.
Cliff Melhuish 
River Intro
Saturday, 26. September 2015 17:01 

This review of River Strokes is to highlight something that may happen to many paddlers over time.
"Complete loss of Confidence" Or so I thought.
After reaching the dizzy heights of achieving UKCC Level 2 coach, two courses of 4* training and feeling comfortable (ish) on Grade 3 rapids, I had a 14 month break from boating and had given up any notion of taking it up again. (mid life crisis?). Anyway, I missed the fun and fitness aspects of boating that much, I'm back for more.
However my confidence was so low I felt
like a beginner. Bring on the talents of Dan Povey! after 1 day, I'm running grade 2 and rolling in the flow, reverse ferrying, eddying in/out backwards!!
What can I say 'If you are ever in trouble, give River Strokes a call'.

I've already booked my next course.

You're a STAR, Dan......

Thankyou so much
Deborah Lowe 
White Water grade 2
Monday, 21. September 2015 17:02 

Great day with Dan, met up with three other paddlers at River cafe and enjoyed a chat about previous paddling experience and expectations for the trip over a lovely coffee. Once the shuttle was over we entered the river at Aber Bran Fawr just above the broken weir, and Dan warmed us up with plenty of ferry gliding and entering the flo. We set off one at a time feeling very safe with Dan as our leader. We were guided down the river following at a safe distance learning about eddies and using the flo. Dan's method of training is safe and calm and positive which helps when you feel nervous about a new situation not met with before. After our return shuttle we had a de-brief in the cafe with a beautiful hot chocolate. A fabulous day on the river, I for one will definitely be back soon. Thanks Dan
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