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Monday, 18. February 2019 15:13
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Thursday, 27. October 2016 20:30  Write a comment

NAME: Dave  Course:
White Water >

The week’s course was excellent, moving at just the right pace between developing strokes on the flat water, planning white water descents and then putting it all into practice on the white fluffy goodness as Dan calls it.
Two Usk trips and one on the Wye in my first white water week! Using many of rapids multiple times to work things through was a real confidence builder.
I doubt there is a technique problem or mental barrier that Dan has not encountered, his real trick though is in picking the right way through for the individual. For me that meant sometimes closing my eyes completely then venturing out into the flow, sounds crazy but it worked.
Even had time to take in the absolutely stunning backdrops, what a place to go to school. Will be back for more before the skiing starts.

Thanks Dan,

Wednesday, 5. October 2016 17:33  Write a comment

NAME: Gareth and Osian  Course:
Pool Rolling Session. >

Thanks Dan for getting us both to that significant milestone, our first successful role in a kayak. Finally the message got through and your patience and instruction paid off, what a great feeling it was for both of to get that first roll in.

Sunday, 25. September 2016 19:54  Write a comment

NAME: Neil and Wynne  Course:
River skills, pool capsizing >

Absolutely brilliant. We both learned loads and gained lots of confidence and inspiration for the future.
Dan is a fantastic instructor and we will definitely be returning for more instruction after many hours of practising the new skills we learned from him.

Saturday, 17. September 2016 20:18  Write a comment

NAME: roger wright and sam wright.  Course:
1 day >

where does a duck put its money? Dan we had a great day with you lent a lot you know some great jokes ? the day went so quick we hope to see you again for more of the same maybe less wind next time please.Dan take care

Monday, 29. August 2016 21:14  Write a comment

NAME: Huw  Course:
1 day introduction >

Excellent, if you're thinking of taking up kayaking do this course first. There's more to it than the casual observer, me included, thinks.
Dan is a great teacher and host, very professional with fantastic empathy.
Thanks Dan, see you at the next course.

Thursday, 11. August 2016 20:48  Write a comment

NAME: Olivia  Course:
5 Day Introduction >

This course was brilliant. The perfect balance of coaching and practice time. Dan really built up my confidence on the water by teaching me how to control my kayak & the river trip at the end of the week just brought everything together beautifully. I enjoyed the course so much I've already booked my next course to progress my paddling skills. Thanks Dan for your patience, excellent coaching & making sure I wasn't eaten by any crocodiles ;-)

Monday, 1. August 2016 18:35  Write a comment

NAME: Steve  Course:
River Skills >

Dan, many thanks for a great weekend on the river ... exactly what I needed to speed my progression. Excellent coaching, plenty of guidance on how to improve and lots of good-humoured banter. If you want to improve your kayaking, I would highly recommend taking a course with Dan.

Monday, 18. July 2016 16:26  Write a comment

NAME: Chris  Course:
River Skills >

Many Thanks Dan for a really enjoyable two day introduction to “River Skills”. I wish I had attended this course when I started Kayaking, and before developing all the bad habits! Over the weekend I scratched the surface of what a Kayak can do “apart from my usual paddling up and down in straight lines like a nervous wreck”. By the end of the weekend I felt a lot more comfortable with plenty to remember and practice and the confidence to have a go, the only regret is that I couldn’t stay for the week!
If you are thinking of taking up kayaking, personally I would recommend this course, there’s no pressure, lots of guidance in perfect surrounding’s.
I’ll be back later in the year for another pool session and hopefully another river skills course,
Until then “High Paddle angle, Good Left Grip and Body rotation “, are all to be practiced and perfected. Once again many thanks Dan.

Monday, 18. July 2016 13:40  Write a comment

NAME: Peter Beard  Course:
5 Day introduction >

I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful week on the 'Introduction to Kayaking' course at Talybont. Looking back I can see I learnt so much while enjoying myself in a stunning location. You may foster a relaxed manner but you are a true professional, and taught me with firmness but with sensitivity and a great deal of humour. I wasn't the most receptive of students (I will remember to 'grip') so thank you for your patience.I ended the week looking back up the River Wye and wanting to do it all again (I'll do it better next time!).You didn't just teach me the basics of kayaking, you introduced me to a new sense of freedom.So once I've got into lots of bad habits I will be back for them to be ironed out!

Thanks again. Peter

Monday, 4. July 2016 23:52  Write a comment

NAME: Warren Williams  Course:
5 day kayak course >

The most fun I have had with both legs wedged into a floating plastic carapace whilst splashing, bobbing, weaving and looking like a crazy fool...
Seriously I had a fantastic experience and thoroughly enjoyed it. Dan is a very humorous, patient and knowledgeable teacher. His passion and genuine love for kayaking are palpable and make learning with him a joy.
I will definitely be back for some more kayak action.


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