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Kayaking WhiteWater Weekend
Course Fee £200 per person
Location River CAMP
Duration 9.30am - 5.00pm
Max Places 6 Available

Grade II white water kayaking weekend in Mid Wales.
The aim is to make you more confident in moving water and give you a set of kayaking techniques to practice. This course will give you a greater understanding of Grade II white water river skills. Personal feedback will be given throughout the weekend and advice to progress your paddling .

white water introduction Equipment, Hazards and Safety
white water introduction Capsize Drills / Rescues
River Awareness
holiday Stable Paddling / Confidence
wales Edge control, blade skills
Stroke Combinations and Timing
Effective Forward Paddling
Using the Flow and eddies
weekend Effective ferry gliding.
break Wave surfing introduction

This course provides 2 days of training to control your kayak on Grade II white water rivers. If your looking to improve your skills and knowledge of the river environment this weekend is ideal to increase your kayaking confidence and control on the river, and enjoy the challenge.


You will need to make your own accommodation arrangements choosing from one of the many options available in this stunning Mid Wales, Wye valley.

Grade II rapids provide a good training level to enjoy river kayaking and increase your white water kayaking skills and progress your paddling.

" Enjoy the river with new skills and make new friends! " - Dan

Saturday - River Skill Training

During the morning briefing we will talk through kit and safety. We will go through the kayaking skills and river tactics during the day at base camp on a section of grade 1/2 flow. Teamwork, control, awareness are all important aspects to becoming a good white water paddler. We will get you thinking!
canoe Sunday - River Trip Grade II - 4 Miles

The second day is all about applying your skills on a grade 2 white water trip down river on the Usk or Wye. You will get the chance to experience surfing several river waves, improve ferry gliding and tune up your river reading and boat control skills. Decending the river as a team and catching those eddies with style..
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