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NAME: David Duffield  Course:
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When I first met Dan I was completely new to kayaking. He took me through the basic strokes and showed me how to use them correctly and efficiently. We went onto combining these with more advanced strokes and before long, and with some practice, I was no longer a novice. Over the following months I saw Dan when I could and he showed me strokes and combinations to take away and practice.

I am lucky enough to live near the Olympic White Water Centre, and have recently joined the club there. I didn’t realize how much Dan had taught me until I took an initial assessment and three coaches asked me who had trained me and where I had learned my core skills. On the back of what I had learnt I was jumped ahead several groups and have now passed the assessment on the Legacy Course.

When training Dan always showed great patience and humour. The progression was focused and coordinated. He is situated in the most stunning location and now has a picturesque natural training school as his base. He is a hard task master, but if you want to progress he is the right man.

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