Kayak School
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Current course dates

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A Kayaking Weekend
    Campfire Intro
    August 8th/9th
    July 4th/5th
    May 16th/17th
    River Retreat
    April 18th/19th
    August 15th/16th
    July 18th/19th
    June 20th/21st
    May 23rd/24th
    River Skills
    April 4th/5th
    August 22nd/23rd
    February 8th/9th
    July 11th/12th
    June 13th/14th
    June 27th/28th
    March 14th/15th
    White Water Intro G1/2
    February 22nd/23rd
    March 2nd/3rd -Mon/tues
    March 7th/8th
Day Training Course
    River Skills Foundations
    April 14th - Tuesday
    February 1st - Saturday
    February 5th - Wednesday
Kayaking Camp - 5 Day
    PaddleSport Instructor
    River Skills Foundations G1/2
    April 20th-24th
    February 3rd-7th
    July 13th-17th
    June 22nd - 26th
    March 9th - 13th
    May 18th-22nd
    Launch 3 day BBQ
    March 27th-30th
    River Fest 2020
    Autunm OCT 17th/18th/19th
    May Bank Holiday 2nd/3rd/4th
River Kayaking Trips
    5 Mile River Wye
    January 14th - Tuesday
    River Wye 2 Mile Grade 1
    January 13th - Monday
    January 13th - Monday
    White Water Trip G2
    February 21st - Friday
    January 18th - Saturday
    January 24th - Friday
    January 28th - Tuesday
    January 29th - Wednesday
Training Camp Session
    Blade Combos
    April 9th - Thursday
    March 25th - Wednesday
    May 8th - Friday
    Blade Support
    April 8th - Wednesday
    March 17th - Tuesday
    May 7th - Thursday
    Eddies and Flow
    April 24th - Friday
    January 4th - Saturday
    March 12th - Thursday
    May 15th - Friday
    Forward Paddling
    April 10th - Friday
    March 24th - Tuesday
    May 27th - Wednesday
    April 15th - Wednesday
    March 19th - Thursday
    May 6th - Wednesday
    Kayak Rolling Pool
    February 10th - Monday
    February 13th - Thursday
    February 20th - Thursday
    February 2nd - Sunday
    January 27th - Monday
    Kayaking Confidence
    April 16th - Thursday
    March 9th - Monday
    May 6th - Wednesday
    April 3rd - Friday
    March 20th - Friday
    May 13th - Wednesday
    River Skills/Safety
    December 20th - Friday
    December 21st - Saturday
    January 4th - Saturday
    Stroke Clinic
    April 17th - Friday
    March 10th - Tuesday
    May 14th - Thursday

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