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Kayaking Skills Retreat

"Get back in your boat "
It is easy to walk away from kayaking after a bad river trip or frustration with control. Mistakes and errors are part of getting it right. With Confidence and Guidance you can learn what kayaking can really give you. Dont give up, learn to progress and discover more.

"Kayaking Body Mindset "
To evolve and disconect from mordern pressues and habbits you will need to understand how to reconnect with natures power and understand how to push your body movements for kayaking. Your kayaking mindset can change.

"Time on the water "
After living 10 years as a computer geek and needing a change, I disovered kayaking and progressed in time to a New Zealand river guide. Returning to the UK in 2006 to set up river strokes. Spending over 7000 days on the river learning kayaking, coaching new and experienced paddlers, This is a new approach to help you relax and enjoy learning. The retreat will help you reconnect with the river and imrpove your flow and skills when kayaking.

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Kayaking Retreat - Holiday
Get back in your boat

White Water Kayaking Confidence and skills retreat on the river Wye, camping by the river in Wales.

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River Strokes clients can leave feedback, after completing a course.

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New to kayaking? have you got the bug and want to learn more? or are you looking to progress your skills, gain confidence, control and have fun?.

With our coaching experience, River Strokes Kayak School based in mid Wales, provides fun, friendly, and flexible kayak instruction weekends and holidays to improve your kayaking skills and knowledge.

We Specialize in correct technique and long term progression kayak coaching.

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