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White Water paddler
Progressive Kayak Training
10 courses over 1 year.

1 payment


White Water paddler
Progressive Kayak Training
20 courses over 1 year.


1 payment


We offer a long term kayaking skills training program. Achieve your kayaking Goals. Fixed weekend and mid week course dates you will get to know your fellow paddlers and make new friends. Working towards common goals the progressive training will build on your experience and understanding.

With regular practice and joining the training courses and campfire weekends. You will see your progression, goals can be achieved. Increase your kayaking experience and confidence, then you can really enjoy kayaking. Whatever your goals we can help you achieve them. We believe in the long term training program and offer this deal with a saving on regular course fees and campfire weekends.

"Make the most out of a years training and see the progression!"
- Dan
During this long term training year, the coaches will get to know you as a people and paddlers, we understand everyone learns in different ways. As you progress you will learn training routines and practice drills to perfect and make the most out of your kayaking working towardss your first Grade 2 White Water trip in October 2020.

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"Give me a call and have a chat about your goals. To really get the most out of kayaking, long term progression training packages, will give you a great start. This is also the most rewarding part of coaching, watching our clients improve " - Dan

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Kayaking 20 Progressive Course Package
flexible training courses | Vaild 12 months


This pack will give you a great start to develop your kayaking skills from novice or improve to Learn to be a safe and valued team member on grade 2 white water kayaking trips. Group tactics and personal rescue skills will be covered. Practice with new friends on the same personal development with kayaking skills. We aim to help you become a confident and valued team member on the river.

With a flexible training package you can join any kayaking course to suit your progression over a period of 12 months. Set your goals to improve and progress with kayaking. Dates can be confirmed at the start or you can join flexible normal course days. kayak Rolling, Star awards or just improving confidence and control on Grade II White Water.
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