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Kayaking Courses
Beginner course for your first time in a kayak. A fun challenging activity
River Skills
An introduction to the river at features using grade 1 moving water. river trip and skills course
Kayak Rolling
Indoor rolling and confidence swimming pool sessions and open water Blade support strokes
White Water
First time and improver white water grade II/III skills courses
BCU Star Awards
Canoe wales star award training and assessment courses.
Kayaking Holidays
Weekend and Mid week kayak holidays in Wales, England and Europe.

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River Strokes clients can leave feedback after completing a course.


River Kayaking Information, Tips & Advice

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" Kayaking River Safety, be River Wise.. " - Dan

Equipment Correct kayaking safety gear and clothing will make a big difference to your safety, comfort and enjoyment paddling rivers. Worth spending the money.
Techniques Learn to control your boat in all directions with effective strokes and paddle skills. Join a course to get a good start learning strokes and combinations.
Practice All it takes is good practice.. Make your paddle strokes second nature to apply them effectively in the river. Master your left and right side blade control.
Awareness Every paddler needs to be aware of the surroundings updated as you descend the river. Look dowse and focus on your next steps.
Avoid contact in the flow with other paddlers on the river.
Teamwork Every successful white water kayaking trip is all about teamwork. The river is a dynamic environment, teamwork and good group awareness required.
Planning Do not leave the trip planning down to one person. It does not take much to check out the local area online and work out sensible times and distances.
Weather Check the current and previous daily weather forecast leading up to your trip. Use online river gauges and make the right call in bad conditions.
Confidence With all of the above you will greatly improve your confidence and safety on the river. You will learn more each time you paddle and always improve.
white water kayak safety

White Water Kayaking Courses In Wales

" Look for Second hand kayaks on ebay for a small budget " - Dan


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